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On going back to school

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I was a student from age three to twenty three, and then I took a break.  I ended that time a BA with a major that I loved, even if I didn’t receive the best marks, and a diploma where I recieved excellent marks and loved everything even more.

In early November 2010 I decided to apply to library school.  I had been out of school for a year and a half, working full time,  getting a ton of experience, but seeing the top stair of my career without a MLIS. My plan had always included library school, and I felt at that point that I was ready.

I applied to my first choice of schools and the local choice, and was fairly optimisitic of my chances given my current work experience and my past education.

The local choice rejected me- which was unexpectedly devastating. I mostly expected it, their deciding factor was GPA, not fieldwork- but it still was tough.

At that point I hadn’t heard back from my first choice- but after contacting them it looked as though a piece of my applciaiton was lost.  As soon as I re-mailed it- I was accepted within days.

The idea that I will be moving 4200 km to go to school for a year is a little frightening.  I will be packaging my things into storage and living in a small basement suite- and hopefully having a ton of fun learning and being back at school.

This week has been a flurry of applying for scholarships, applying for a leave of absence, and letting interested parties know where I will be come September.

So ages twenty-five to twenty-six I’ll be completing my education, and then returning to my seaside library.


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April 15, 2011 at 10:53 pm

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