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On Online Identity

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It is a little funny, I have used pseudonyms online since I first discovered the internet, and I believe strongly in their necessity but occasionally I wish I could squish everything together. It would make keeping track of things easier, at least.

I do like that a search of my full name just brings up a professional profile, and that my mom doesn’t know my reading preferences or who I date.  And it is excellent that my 15 year old self is not connected in any way to my 25 year old self.

There is some interesting discussions occurring these days about using social media at work, about the US wanting to create “trusted identities.” I do like the idea of being able to authorize programs easier, or linking things together to make purchasing easier- but I don’t want to waive my right to a private life.

I want to have professional me being unrelated to personal me.  To not have my purchase histories linked to my name, or my favourite naughtly books appearing on a search of my name.

It is hard to stand up against people citing anonymous users creating havoc or not being able to fight against spam.  But I don’t need my public and private lives intersecting, and neither do most people.

People should be able to have private lives and public lives, and the internet is perfect as long as facebook doesn’t win.

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May 7, 2011 at 6:12 pm

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